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Bed Bugs

What you need to know about pests in Spring, Texas

Knowing a bit about the pests that are likely to view your Texas yard or home as a place to nest or gather food is essential to protecting your family and property from the problems they create. Our pest library will help you identify the pests you see lurking in the corner of your home or running across your kitchen floor! The more you know about our area’s common pests and why they are there, the easier it will be to keep them out!  Let’s learn a bit about the dreaded bed bug.

Have a Restful Night’s Sleep!

Bed bugs are pests that regularly live with people in our homes and businesses, with our temperature-controlled structures allowing them to thrive year-round. We identify bed bugs by their flat, oval, reddish-brown bodies. They are wingless and cannot jump. We need to stay vigilant against bed bugs because they are pests that can pop up in any of our Texas homes at any time. Since bed bugs live indoors with us, their most common mode of transportation is hitchhiking. They will crawl onto people or our belongings and be moved from place to place. Whether you are traveling across your town, state, or country, bed bugs may be traveling with you.

In addition to transportation, we provide bed bugs a source of food. Bed bugs are pests whose sole nutrition needs come from the blood of warm-blooded animals. Bed bugs will feed on dogs, cats, birds, and rodents, but unfortunately for us, people are their preferred hosts. Bed bugs can be found in places that people move in and out regularly like airports, hotels, movie theaters, hospitals, schools, and shopping centers. While traveling or just running daily errands, it is common to come into contact with bed bugs and then accidentally introduce them into your house.

If you ever discover bed bugs in your home, immediately reach out to us at Pest Arrest, LLC!

  • When traveling, keep your belongings off the ground and away from other people’s belongings, and always inspect your hotel room for bed bugs before bringing your luggage inside.
  • After returning home from traveling, immediately wash and dry all clothing on a high heat.
  • Vacuum your floors and upholstered furniture regularly.
  • Place protective covers that are bed bug-proof on all mattresses and box springs in your house.

Bed Bug Prevention Tips

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