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What you need to know about pests in Spring, Texas

Knowing a bit about the pests that are likely to view your Texas yard or home as a place to nest or gather food is essential to protecting your family and property from the problems they create. Our pest library will help you identify the pests you see lurking in the corner of your home or running across your kitchen floor! The more you know about our area’s common pests and why they are there, the easier it will be to keep them out!  Let’s learn a bit about fleas.

Tiny Pest,      Huge Nuisance

Fleas are tiny insects that invade our yards and homes in large numbers. The only food source for these outdoor pests is the blood of warm-blooded animals, and their preferred hosts are cats, dogs, rodents, wild animals, and livestock. Adults will jump onto the backs of animals and live within their fur, feeding and breeding. Most fleas spend their entire short lifespan of two to three months on a single host. People are not their preferred hosts, but if we are around and there is a large infestation present, they will bite us and feed on our blood.

Fleas can become a problem in any yard or home, whether pets are present or not. These pests are regularly introduced into our yards and homes by their wild animal hosts. Since fleas thrive indoors, they can also move from place to place on used furniture or rugs already infested with adults, eggs, or larvae. Preventing fleas from biting you, your kids, and your pets is important. Their saliva causes an allergic reaction for most animals and people, resulting in small, red, itchy bumps developing. Those allergic to their saliva may develop dermatitis or other skin reactions. Extensive scratching at the bite sites may lead to a secondary infection developing. Fleas are also problematic because they can transmit diseases through their saliva that can make people ill.

Fleas are outdoor pests that are continuously being introduced onto properties by wild animals. The best way to control their numbers and protect yourself from being bitten is to partner with Pest Arrest and implement regular flea control services.

  • Remove bird feeders from your property that could attract wild animals like rodents which are commonly covered in fleas.
  • Keep lids on trash cans to keep rodents, wild animals, and stray pets out of them.
  • Do not bring used furniture or rugs into your home.
  • Regularly bathe and groom your pets.
  • Regularly wash their bedding.
  • Keep your lawn trimmed short.
  • Place pets on a year-round flea control program with the help of their veterinarian.

Flea Prevention Tips

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